About SoberTec

Change can often be a challenging process for an individual who is struggling with dependency issues with drugs and alcohol. Often, the individual is experiencing guilt and shame from the various life choices that he or she has previously made.  The family and friends of the struggling individual are also heavily impacted by addiction.  At Sobertec, we know how challenging the process can be. Having a caring, safe, and supportive environment is vital for bringing about massive change for an individual.

shutterstock_163282937Sobertec works with a network of licensed and certified programs ranging from detox centers, residential, mental health, and outpatient programs throughout the country.  Our network of providers offer innovative options ranging from intensive treatment to sober living for women and men struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. We are located in the gorgeous beach community of San Clemente, California. A dedicated clinical team that have years of experience working in the field of mental health and addiction run the Sobertec substance abuse treatment program.

Adults who struggle with substance abuse issues need support to be able to welcome life changes. Sobertec’s network of providers of effective treatment solutions for substance abuse are conscious of the importance of helping clients as much as they can through this very challenging time. The Sobertec substance abuse treatment program has several different modalities for therapy. We feel that a 12-step program, strong foundation of relapse prevention, as well as family support can dramatically help a person continue their recovery proactively and make positive life changes.

Selecting the right addiction treatment program is an important, life-changing component. Every individual has their own individual reasons for deciding to make a change in their lives. Sobertec understands that each person’s path is unique. As treatment centers vary from one location to another, it is vital to find the best fit for you or your loved one.

The Family Program is also integrated into the client’s treatment plan.  Sobertec is a well-balanced treatment center that you will highly recommend to others.  We teach skills and healthy coping mechanisms for areas ranging from anxiety and depression to anger management to relapse prevention to healthy habits.  Sobertec will provide you with methods of recovery that will help you become sober on a day to day basis for the rest of your life.  We will give you hope and provide you with a better tomorrow.  Sobertec will guide you on a path to a lifetime of renewed resolve and spirit to live each day to the fullest.  We are dedicated to making sure you will receive all the help and support you need to thrive.  At Sobertec, you will have an overall wonderful experience in all aspects of care.

Our facilities are located in San Clemente, CA, as well as the surrounding beach communities, provide a relaxing setting for treatment and recovery from addiction. Known for its gorgeous coastal landscape, the community has many services that are related to recovery, in addition to activities for wellness such as sports and trips to the beach. The surroundings help promote an active and healthy lifestyle for their clients who are recovering from addiction and self-defeating behaviors.

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