Sobertec Is Unique

We are located in the perfect year round climate and relaxing surroundings of the Southern California beach community. You will reside in one of the structured drug & alcohol free client homes that makes participation in recovery from drugs & alcohol possible in the luxury and comforts of home.

Sobertec has an unparalleled client to staff ratio of nearly 1:1! That means 24 hours a day, there will always be one of our treatment professionals or skilled clinicians available to support you and meet your needs.

Sobertec’s program is focused on longevity of care as well as tapering down treatment gradually. We strive to make sure you receive the highest quality of treatment, without being under-treated or overtreated. Sobertec understands that the journey to recovery can be a very challenging one. As a result, we are dedicated to helping you every step of the way.

The majority of our staff are in recovery, many of which have years of sobriety, and provide clients with positive role models of men and women in recovery. In addition to high quality services and a commitment to serving our clients with the highest standards, we also provide individualized treatment plans tailored according to your situation. We also provide extensive support for recovery as well as helping to prevent relapse. Clients are welcome to contact Sobertec before, during, and after treatment at any time with any issues or concerns. Your progress is very important to us.

The flexible programs allow for individuals to engage in the recovery process and the ability to pursue their daily activities from school to work and volunteering. These activities will allow the client to learn healthy coping skills for stress that can result from learning to balance their recovery with daily life. Learning to have balance in one’s life is essential in the path to long-term recovery. This is the basis for Sobertec’s substance abuse treatment. Let us show you the way to a new life of possibility, hope, and healthy habits.

Sobertec was formed to provide people with the highest quality support and assistance towards achieving a lifetime of sobriety. We understand that everyone’s situation and circumstances are unique. As a result, we custom tailor each program specifically to you. You will be able to recover successfully and have a strong plan for maintaining sobriety post-treatment and throughout your life.

Knowing that each situation is unique to each individual, Sobertec is committed to helping you maintain sobriety. Your needs are our first priority. Sobertec will help teach you various important life skills to create balance in your life, in addition to addressing issues that have personally led you to substance abuse.

Sobertec is focused on helping you find the inner strength to achieve continual sobriety along with new healthy habits. Furthermore, our program is exceptional for also having a strong focus on working with you to resolve underlying issues that have led you to addiction.

The Finest Clinical Services From An Experienced Addiction Treatment Team

When selecting an addiction rehab program, finding an expert drug and alcohol addiction treatment team is of high priority. The Sobertec team is comprised of a group of dedicated experts with extensive experience in taking care of health issues and recovery for addiction.

The biggest challenge is maintaining sober recovery after finishing with the program. The clinical team is focused on preparing you with the needed tools to continually succeed in living a healthy and addiction-free lifestyle for a lifetime.