Substance Abuse Recovery and Treatment Centers

Located in the beautiful beach community of San Clemente, California, Sobertec has innovative solutions for helping women and men who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Sobertec’s program is entirely focused on a client-centered approach.  A dedicated clinical team with years of experience working in the field of addiction recovery run the Sobertec Substance Abuse Treatment Programs.

In the first 24-48 hours, the client will meet with a psychiatric team for evaluation.  Sobertec also provides dual-diagnosis to treat the individual with substance abuse as well as co-existing disorders, such as anxiety.  Through this important evaluation, the medical and psychiatric professionals rule out what they need to treat.  With drug addiction, they pinpoint which issues the individual has attempted to medicate.  At Sobertec, we view abuse of drugs and alcohol as a symptom of an underlying problem that needs to be addressed and resolved.  We start by separating the individual from the drugs and then treating the specific issues all in a compassionate, understanding, and supportive environment.

Sobertec treats addiction to alcohol, opiates, methamphetamines, amphetamines, marijuana/THC, heroin, opium, methadone, Suboxone © and Subutex ©, in addition to benzodiazepines, anti-anxiety medication, hallucinogenics, designer drugs such as ecstasy, spice, bath salts, and kratom, as well as pharmaceuticals such as psychotropic medications.

As part of our dedication to creating a safe, drug-free environment, clients are randomly drug tested for over 50 substances that may not be described here.

Individuals struggling with substance abuse issues depend on a significant amount of support to be able to welcome changes into their life. At the Sobertec substance abuse treatment program, we are aware of the importance of helping clients as much as we can through this challenging time. The Sobertec substance abuse treatment program has various modalities for therapy. A 12-step program, in addition to a strong foundation of relapse prevention and family support can dramatically help a person continue their recovery proactively and make positive life changes.

Sobertec Is a Registered VIVITROL® Provider.

This is an additional tool that assists with addiction issues.  VIVITROL® is an injection given that places a cap on an opiate receptor blocking the euphoric effects of opiates such as heroin, and prescription painkillers.  This will give the client time to utilize other tools in order to prevent relapse.  Along with counseling, VIVITROL® may help with dependence to opioid and alcohol.

We have a working relationship with insurance providers and are able to get the maximum coverage possible for this treatment.


Naltrexone (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension), is the active ingredient in VIVITROL® that functions as a “blocker.” It attaches onto certain opioid receptors in your brain and blocks the pleasurable feelings associated with taking opioids.

After you receive a VIVITROL dose, its blocking effect slowly decreases and completely subsides over the course of time. It is vital to know that you should not try to overcome the VIVITROL blockade by taking opioids. Using opioids in the amounts you used before starting VIVITROL treatment, or even smaller amounts, could lead to death or overdose.

VIVITROL may block the intense high from opioids, but it does not prevent good feelings that come from other naturally pleasurable activities.

VIVITROL® is a prescription injectable medicine also used to treat dependence to alcohol.  It is important to note that the individual should stop drinking alcohol prior to beginning VIVITROL®.  This medicine is also used to prevent relapse to opioid dependence after opioid detox.  It is important to note that the individual must stop taking opioids or other opioid-containing medications before starting VIVITROL®.

VIVITROL® (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension) has a long-acting formula, which means it only has to be administered once a month.  When used with counseling, it has been shown to be effective for opioid and/or alcohol dependence.

VIVITROL must be used with other alcohol or drug recovery programs such as counseling.

Opioid-dependent patients participating in counseling plus VIVITROL:

  • Had significantly more days of complete abstinence*
  • Were less likely to relapse to physical dependence
  • Reported less craving
  • Stayed in treatment for a longer period of time
  • In a study of alcohol-dependent patients participating in counseling plus VIVITROL, patients had:
  • Significantly fewer days of heavy drinking*
  • A small group of alcohol-dependent patients who completely stopped drinking one week prior to their first dose of VIVITROL (with counseling) had:
  • Higher success maintaining complete abstinence
  • Significantly smaller amount of drinking days

* Heavy drinking was defined as a self-report of 5 or more standard drinks consumed on a given day for male patients and 4 or more drinks for female patients.

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12 Step Recovery

Fellowship in a 12 Step Program is highly encouraged, as it is one of the best paths for sober recovery. Here you will find strong community support. Having a sponsor is strongly encouraged to get into the integrated process as well as facilitate the recovery process.

The clients also have access to Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based recovery program and other non-12 step programs in the area. Sobertec includes the 12-step program, but clients also have access to other programs that they may be interested in.

The Sobertec 12-Step recovery groups assist clients in understanding the philosophy behind every step, and work with you on climbing these steps. Individuals receive insight into the part of themselves that is affected by alcohol or drugs and their self-destructive behavior.

Clients will attend many 12-Step meetings in recovery-centered communities. This provides individuals with hope and inspiration through letting them see transformation examples that are possible once they are committed to truly applying themselves to doing well in the program.

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