What To Bring

The weather in southern California is very comfortable, usually in the mid 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and is typically not extreme.  Bring 10 outfits, including 5 shorts and 5 pants, short-sleeved shirts, as well as sweaters for evening outings.  It is also important to have appropriate clothing for a therapeutic atmosphere.  No drugs or alcohol related clothing, no clothing depicting violence, no gang-related clothing, no clothing that exposes bare midriffs, no short shorts, and nothing revealing.  Also, bring a bathing suit as there will be local trips to the beach, as well as exercise clothes, a hat, and sunscreen.  It is also recommended to also bring eye masks and earplugs.  Families may also mail items into the center for their loved ones.

All belongings are subject to being searched at any time.  Towels and sheets will be provided.  Do not bring any knives or weapons. You may want to bring a backpack to carry your treatment supplies to the campus.  Please bring your own toiletries and pajamas.  You are allowed electronics after it has been authorized by the case manager.  You may bring laptops or tablets, but desktops are not allowed.  Do not bring any valuables, as you will be living in a community setting.  However, there are storage areas to lock up your valuables.  For OP, you can make plans to bring different forms of transportation.

Advice for IOP

If family members want to give their loved ones money for purchases, the family can deposit money into an account.  This is known as M.O.B. (Money On Books).  A prepaid $50 debit card will be issued weekly for purchases.  This is for the protection of the client and the facility. No client can have any cash on their person at any time.  All cash will be held in a locked cabinet with other personal items. Clients will be escorted to small convenience stores throughout the week in order to buy small items such as drinks, snacks, and cigarettes.  Clients will also be taken to larger stores such as Target or Walmart in order to purchase items that may have been overlooked or forgotten in the process of packing.  Clients will also be taken on the weekends to the larger stores.  For IOP, do not bring any bikes.

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