Detoxification is the first door through which clients pass to treatment. There are several different components that necessitate the level of care a client needs. You or your loved one will be evaluated, stabilized, and supported while being prepared for treatment. Detoxification presents an opportunity to intervene during a period of crisis and to encourage a client to make positive changes in the direction of health and recovery. Our professional clinical staff will utilize this time to build a therapeutic alliance while the client is being physically stabilized.

Many different variables are considered in developing a treatment plan for this stage of recovery:

  • General Health History
  • Mental Status
  • General Physical Condition
  • Patterns & Substances of Use
  • Toxicology Screening for Commonly Used Substances
  • Past Substance Abuse Treatment Attempts
  • Physical, Sensory, or Cognitive Disabilities
  • Potential for Relapse

A comprehensive evaluation will determine what level of support each individual requires for detoxification. Sobertec’s hallmark is a relationship between staff and client that is always supportive, empathetic, and never judgmental. Your comfort and wellbeing is paramount during this sometimes challenging initial step towards a new life.

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