Residential Inpatient Program

After the client has completed clinically managed detox, he or she will be able to enter residential inpatient treatment. The program places you in an environment that is safe and structured, as well as helping to promote healthy habits. Clients will participate in a comprehensive drug or alcohol treatment program and will learn about addiction in an environment that provides strong support. Rest assured that the program is dedicated to helping the entire mind and body, and there is a tremendous amount of emotional support. Patients significantly benefit from being in a therapeutic community which fosters mutual support and collective encouragement for each other to succeed in recovery. The shared experience and empathy dramatically makes a difference in completing treatment for drugs and alcohol.

This program entails a variety of informative sessions, group and individual therapy, 12 step meetings, meetings with case managers, along with time for exercise and fun outings around the community of San Clemente. From Monday to Friday, the clients will have meetings to go over the issues, problems, changes, feelings, and conflicts that arise throughout the process of recovery. In addition, clients will also review their past chemical dependency, the impact of substance abuse on his or her life, as well as the impact on their friends and family, in addition to a reflection on the negative impact of use on their lives.

A large component of recovery and treatment involves group meetings. Each week, the client will be able to discuss their treatment with the case manager, as needed. They will be able to discuss any issues and concerns about treatment at this time. The residential inpatient program is a 24/7 addiction treatment program with the finest clinical care as well as on-site living in a beautiful housing facility that is in close proximity to the beach. The program consists of in-depth discussions and informational sessions such as NA/AA meetings, relapse prevention, emotions management, as well as 12 step meetings.

Residential inpatient treatment programs offer a multidisciplinary approach for recovery to addiction in a comfortable and structured environment. Rest assured that you will have a set aftercare plan post-treatment. This is an intensive level of care that offers comfortable housing amenities and delicious meals throughout your stay, as well as offering support 24/7.

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