SoberTec Introduction

As one of the leaders in addiction diagnosis and treatment, Sobertec provides a secure and comfortable environment for recovery that is tailored to your individual needs. Sobertec is based on client care and family support. We understand that the experience can be stressful, but with our help, you and your loved one will be at ease. We also promote a healthy, safe environment that focuses on helping you recover and live a lifetime of sobriety. Our clients reside in luxurious, exclusive and structured drug & alcohol free homes.

Our Mission: To provide adult men, women and their families, with a safe, clean and supportive place to develop a solid foundation towards long-term sobriety. Treating, Educating, and Understanding that addiction affects not only the person that is actively using, but the entire family.

Our professional, caring staff is comprised of state-licensed and certified clinicians & registered recovery workers with many years experience in the field.

From the initial phone call to our highly trained intake coordinators to the actual admission & orientation, you will feel an immediate sense of relief as you realize you are in good hands and that everything is going to be okay!

* Free Anonymous Self-Test for addiction/alcoholism

* Free consultation w/ licensed clinician

* Free live chat

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